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Food Facility Registration & U.S. Agent Service

All Non-Renewed Food Facility registrations are now expired.
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The FDA requires domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food or beverages, including alcoholic beverages for importation or distribution in the United States to register with the FDA.


Alcoholic beverage importers must provide the Food Facility Registration Number of any foreign manufacturer, processor, packer or holder of the alcoholic beverage being imported to the FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) prior to the arrival of the product to the United States, through the FDA Prior Notice filing. Any imported alcoholic beverage not in compliance with FDA’s food facility registration requirements may be refused by FDA or CBP.


Foreign food facilities must also designate a U.S. Agent when registering their food facility with the FDA. The U.S. Agent is a person or entity located within, or that maintains an office in, the United States. The U.S. Agent plays the role of the domestic representative for the foreign facility through which all communication with the FDA takes.


Under § 102 of FSMA, FDA now requires re-registration of all food facilities every two (2) years beginning in 2012. FDA Solutions Group’s food compliance team works with domestic and foreign food facilities to identify those facilities within the food supply chain that must register with the FDA. Additionally, FDA Solutions Group can serve as your U.S. Agent if you are a foreign food facility looking to import alcoholic beverages to the United States.
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Domestic Food Facility Registration

For domestic food facility registration with the U.S. FDA — $375 Bi-annual Fee ($187.50/year) To register your food facility and obtain your Food Facility Registration Number

Foreign Food Facility Registration

For foreign food facility registration with the U.S. FDA and U.S. Agent services — $900 Bi-annual Fee To register your foreign food facility, assign FDA Solutions Group as the U.S. Agent, and obtain your Food Facility Registration Number